Unity and Cinemachine — (Re)Introducing Virtual Cameras

Photo by Dan Cristian Pădureț from Pexels

What is Cinemachine?

Cinemachine is a package available for Unity that provides tools for managing in-game cameras. Without it, we may need to do a lot of development work to get the functionality we want for our cameras.

The Cinemachine package in the Package Manager

What is a Virtual Camera?

The virtual camera is the foundational tool of Cinemachine. It’s through the virtual cameras that all of the benefits of the Cinemachine package are realized.

Making Virtual Cameras

With the Cinemachine package installed in your project, you should now see an option in the menu bar for “Cinemachine”.

The Cinemachine menu

Managing your virtual cameras

When you start creating and making use of virtual cameras, you might notice in your Game window that your view is that of one of your virtual cameras. If you have more than one, however, it may not be obvious to you which one is in control and how to change it.

The CinemachineVirtualCamera component in the Inspector window

The three states of virtual cameras

Related to managing your virtual cameras, it’s good to know about the three states that Cinemachine virtual cameras can be in.


Ok, now that we have reminded ourselves of what virtual cameras are and what they can do, now we can dive further into the realm of Cinemachine! Next time, we’ll be doing a more in-depth exploration of the Aim options for a virtual camera. Until then, thanks for reading.



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